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Some Popular Matching Methods of Shirts

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A shirt is a fashion item that can be worn all year round. It can show different style effects through different matching methods. Now let's take a look at some popular matching methods of shirts.

1. Pure white shirts and sweaters

Sweaters and shirts are simple basic items. The combination of the two can collide with different sparks, making the dull match no longer monotonous. You can choose a round neck or V-neck sweater, which can reveal the lapels, cuffs and hem of the shirt, thereby enriching the overall sense of hierarchy. At the same time, you don't need to worry about keeping warm. Of course, this way of dressing is simple and elegant. If you don't want to be too serious, you can add some exquisite accessories to embellish it, which is more fashionable and attractive.

sweater and shirt

2. Plaid shirt and solid color pants

The stacking method mainly refers to the use of different styles of items for the upper body to match, so that it does not look messy. For the lower body, it is best to choose a simple and neat way of dressing, so that it will be layered and stylish. For example, a plaid shirt with a strong retro atmosphere is paired with basic pants, which will look stylish and not cumbersome as a whole.

3. Denim shirts and high-neck bottoming shirts

There is nothing more classic and durable in the stacking method than the "three stacking method". The biggest advantage of this combination is that you can wear various styles of outerwear, and it can make the outerwear and the inner wear independent of each other. In this way, when the temperature changes, whether you need to wear one more or take off one, it will not affect the overall beauty, allowing you to maintain a fashionable temperament indoors and outdoors.

blouse and coat

4. Morandi color shirt

Pure white shirts are all-match and easy to wear, but in the early spring when the flowers are in full bloom, you might as well try the low-saturation Morandi color combination, which gives people an intellectual and advanced beauty invisibly. The pink shirt is stacked with an apricot high-neck bottoming shirt, and the lower body is matched with blue jeans. The color is light and soft, and the temperament is good.

5. Shirts and knitted vests

Girls with fat upper body are more suitable for shirts and sweater vests, which will have a good modification effect. The color and style of the vest are rich and varied. You can choose the fashionable dressing method at the moment, such as a neat short collocation, which can easily reflect your tall and good figure.

6. Shirts and coats

The combination of shirt and coat is very fashionable. The gentle milk tea-colored shirt is layered on a turtleneck, and a beige coat is placed on the outside, which is particularly casual and full of layering. The lower body is matched with khaki trousers, which is classic and durable and elegant.


In fact, no one is born with beauty, but every beautiful and outstanding woman can work hard to find a suitable outfit and create her own charm.

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