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Storage of All Kinds of Clothes

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Our clothes come in various materials and styles. Today we will talk about how to store clothes of different materials.

(1) Cotton and linen clothing

When storing clothing made of cotton and linen, the clothing must be washed, dried, and folded flat. Wardrobes, cabinets, and polyethylene packaging bags must be kept clean and dry to prevent mildew on clothes. It is best to store white clothing and dark clothing separately to prevent staining or yellowing. Cotton and linen are composed of cellulose macromolecules, which have good hygroscopicity. It mainly prevents mold and rot during storage, that is, prevents the reproduction of mold microorganisms. The main method is to keep the fabric clean and dry, especially in the rainy summer season, pay attention to inspection and drying.

(2) Silk clothing

For silk clothing, in order to prevent moisture and dust when storing, it is necessary to cover the surface of the clothing with a layer of cotton cloth or wrap the silk clothing. White silk clothing should not be placed in a camphor wooden box, otherwise it will easily turn yellow.


(3) Woolen clothing

After wearing all kinds of woolen clothes for a period of time, they should be dried and beaten to remove dust. Keep it in a dry place when not wearing. It should be hung and stored, and the fabric is turned over to prevent fading, weathering and wind printing. Before storage, it should be brushed or washed, ironed, dried, and ventilated for one day. High-end woolen garments are best hung in the closet, do not overlap, so as not to deform and affect the appearance. When storing all-wool or blended garments, wrap the mothballs in tissue paper and put them in your clothes pockets, wardrobes, or boxes. Plush clothing should be stored separately from other clothing, so as not to contaminate other clothing by shed hair. Woolen clothes are prone to damp and mildew. Because wool contains oil and protein, it is also easy to be bitten by insects and rats. Therefore, the cabinets for storing clothing should be kept clean and dry. The temperature should be kept below 25℃ and the relative humidity should be below 60%. At the same time, put in a camphor ball to prevent moist mold or insects. The clothing should be shaded and avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. When worn clothing needs to be stored due to the change of seasons, wash it well to avoid mold or insects caused by sweat and dust.

(4) Chemical fiber clothing

Man-made fiber garments should be laid flat and should not be hung for a long time to avoid stretching due to drape. When storing blended fabric garments containing natural fibers, you can put a small amount of mothballs or insecticides, but do not touch them. For clothing made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon, it is not necessary to put mothballs and sanitary balls, so as to prevent the dinaphthol from causing damage to clothing and fabrics.

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