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The Characteristics of a Good Home Wear

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Home wear refers to a type of clothing worn at home for rest or housework. It is characterized by comfortable fabrics, various styles and easy movement. Home wear evolved from pajamas, but blue is better than blue. Today's home wear has long since got rid of the concept of pure pajamas and covers a wider range. Since the Europeans put on their nightgowns in the 16th century, the nightgowns have changed their image constantly with the changes of the times. In the last century, the social atmosphere has become relaxed and active, and bedroom dressing has also developed towards new styles. So let's talk about the characteristics of a good home wear.

1. Skin-friendly fabric

Because of the unique home atmosphere when wearing home clothes, pure cotton fabrics and silk fabrics are often used in the design. Whether it is pure cotton or silk, it is because these two fabrics have a unique skin-friendly feel.

2. Loose and casual styles

The feeling of coming home is relaxed and comfortable, so the styles of home clothes are generally looser and casual. The common ones are generally divided into skirts and trousers. The skirts are mostly suspender skirts, including ones with one-piece and two-pieces; There is also a one-piece straight skirt with half sleeves. Now the styles of skirts are even more diverse. The upper body of the trousers is mostly short-sleeved or long-sleeved pullovers in various forms, and the lower body is equipped with shorts, cropped trousers, wide-leg pants and other different styles. In the design, decorative methods such as lace, pleating, and inlaid small bow knots are used to give people a leisurely, casual and warm feeling.


3. The right color

The color application of home clothes is basically two tones, one is dark tones, and the other is light tones. Crimson, gray, and blue are more frequently used in dark colors. The light tones are mainly white and light pink. The styles can be divided into the scarlet series, the gorgeous blooming rich series, the pure and charming series, the fresh and eye-catching romantic and elegant series, and the romantic couple series. The choice of color is also to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

4. Eclectic patterns

The home clothes are like a random canvas with various patterns. The most common patterns are small flowers, toy bear patterns, various geometric patterns, heart-shaped patterns, cartoon patterns that have appeared in various cartoons, and so on. Now there are more abstract patterns with a lot of personality.

5. Clearly divided wearing occasions

According to different wearing occasions, home clothes are divided into morning clothes, cooking clothes, gardening clothes, parent-child clothes and so on. Homewear for various occasions also has its own characteristics. The morning dress is characterized by good air permeability, relatively warmth, and generally uses pure cotton fabric. The cooking clothes are worn in the kitchen. They are characterized by the waterproof coating applied to the cotton suit. Gardening clothes are mainly for families who have garden gardening to wear when they are engaged in gardening work. Parent-child clothes are worn when taking care of the children. The fabrics are generally pure cotton, which can increase the cordial and soft feeling.

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