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The Development of Pajamas

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Pajamas have always been used as clothing worn at home, wearing them makes people relax. At the beginning of the 20th century, pajamas were as complex as other types of clothing. Whether it is women's pajamas, couple pajamas, boudoir pajamas, tea robes, etc., there are exquisite and complicated hanging decorations and layered dressing methods, but they ignore the practicality. During this period, pajamas were all luxurious custom-made velvet garments, belonging to the upper class.

The advent of the First World War made the nightgown less loose, and at the same time brought a more masculine and concise style. After the war, the economy developed and the tourism industry in Europe and the United States flourished, so that clothing stores began to make sleeping bags, bedspreads, pillows and sheets, and matched them with women's pajamas. At the same time, due to the needs of travel and life, pajamas styles are becoming more and more simple.

With the beginning of World War II in the late 1930s, nightlife gradually disappeared, so there was almost no demand for high-end women's pajamas. What is needed at this time is ready-made and easy-to-wear clothes, such as a woolen flannel nightdress that can be worn all day long, which can also be used as an evening dress; Small and light chiffon silk pajamas that are easy to wash, iron and carry; Lightweight sleepwear with adjustable waist made of dyed cotton.


After the end of World War II in 1945, the economy recovered, singing and dancing went flat, and the feminine pajamas became fashionable again. By the 1950s, like other women's underwear, pajamas became the mainstream. With the innovation of industrial technology, nylon fabrics are widely used, bringing innovation to the clothing industry, and underwear and pajamas of various materials have emerged.

In the 1960s, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, women's underwear and nightgowns at reasonable prices, fashionable and of good quality, were widely sold in stores as ready-to-wear garments. At the same time, they are often worn out for display. The ladies wore dazzling robes and evening dresses to the theater and dinner; Pajama products appear on the beach, tennis court or market.

After the 1970s, as polyester-like cotton and nylon blended products became more and more popular, pure nylon nightwear began to become obsolete. High-end pajamas appear mainly in the form of silk, cotton, wool and blended cotton. The color form has also changed from the peaceful color of the past to the strong color of the late 1980s. The luxury taste also leads to high prices.

The 1990s was a stage of more modern values and functions. This new passion is a supplement to the increasingly popular family life around the world. The nightwear market has expanded to include what people wear when they go home, not necessarily what they wear when they sleep. In this situation, in addition to the pajamas series, the concept of home wear has been added. In addition to fashion, people are also very concerned about what they wear at home. Home wear has already surpassed the basic needs just for wearing.

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