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The Dressing Skills for Slightly Heavy Women

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Every girl has a heart for beauty and hopes that she can become the focus of everyone's attention. For slender people, dressing is generally not a big problem, but for girls with a slightly fat body, dressing is a college question. Not only do you have to match your clothes well, but you also have to appear less burly. So what should a slightly fat girl pay attention to when dressing? Let's take a look!

1. Do not wear too tight clothing.

Fat girls will have a little fat on their bodies, so they are not suitable for wearing tight clothes. Tightening your clothes too tightly will make the fat on your body more obvious. In addition, wearing tight-fitting clothes will cause blood flow, cause numbness, and make yourself very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to choose the right clothes.


2. Do not wear too loose clothing.

Some slightly fat girls think that they are fatter, so they wear looser clothes to cover the fat on their belly and arms. In fact, this is wrong. Wearing loose clothes will only look stronger. If you add an unreasonable combination, you will look sloppy. So choosing the right clothes is so important for girls who are slightly fat.

3. Don't wear clothes that are too complicated.

Some girls like to wear more complicated clothes, thinking that clothes with shapes are more fashionable and avant-garde. But for girls who are slightly fat, it is best not to choose such complicated clothes. More decoration will only make you look fatter, and appear low taste. In fact, simple, clean and generous, such clothes are never out of date.

4. Do not wear horizontal stripes clothes.

Fat girls are best not to wear clothes with horizontal stripes, especially those with few and thick stripes. Such clothes will make your upper body look wider and make your own skeleton appear larger. If you really like striped clothes, choose vertical stripes or clothes with thinner stripes, which will make you look thinner.


5. Don't wear clothes with bright colors.

Everyone knows that bright colors will make you more dazzling. But as a fat girl, don't challenge this kind of clothes too much. When you wear clothes that are too bright, the first thing others notice is your fatness. On the contrary, wearing some simple colors, self-cultivation clothes can better cover up your shortcomings and highlight your beauty.

5. It is not advisable to wear collared clothes.

The faces of slightly fat girls are a little round. Therefore, it is best not to wear clothes with collars, as this will make your face rounder. Wearing some V-shaped or one-shoulder clothes to expose your collarbone will make you look slimmer. The best way to wear clothes is to show your strengths. When others focus on strengths, no one will notice your weight.

6. Don't wear white clothes.

White clothes look very fat. For girls who are slightly fat, white clothes will look more fat than other colors. So it is best not to wear white clothes.

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