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The Matching of Cardigans

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Knitted cardigan is definitely an easy-going and kind item that can match any style. Whether it is skirts, trousers, prints, stripes, it can be matched. It can be gentle, knowable, sexy, and easy-going. But there will be many friends who say that knitting cardigans is simple and generous, but it always feels a bit difficult to wear fashionable. Therefore, today we will talk to you about the matching of knitted cardigans and how to enhance the fashion sense of cardigans.

1. Knit cardigan with shirt

A slightly formal shirt has the genes for professional commuting, which can dissolve the softness and lack of aura of a knitted cardigan. Changing the types of various shirts can deduce different styles. For example, round-neck shirts are full of intimacy, streamer shirts are feminine, plaid shirts are capable and so on. The combination of knitted cardigan and shirtis not prominent, but it is full of intimacy, which is very suitable for newcomers in the workplace, or those who need to quickly integrate into the new environment, close the distance between each other, and create affinity. Khaki, gray, bean green, bean paste and other low-saturation Morandi color shirts are better choices with delicate and light knitted fabrics.

2. Knit cardigan with dress

This is a simple, classic and infallible combination, which should be welcomed by most people. As for the style of this combination, it depends on the style of the skirt you choose. It can be an elegant little black dress, a British college style one-piece dress, or a black suspender dress to interpret the French style. Through the transformation of dresses and cardigans, different styles can be created.

ladies fashion cardigan

3. Knit cardigan with half skirt

The combination of half skirt and knitted cardigan is quite comfortable and natural, and it is also an intellectual style. The place to pay attention to is the waistline. If you choose a large mid-length skirt, remember to use a belt to create a high waistline. If it is an oversize, large and loose style, it can be used with a pencil skirt or a straight skirt, so that the silhouette of the upper Panasonic will not appear procrastinated and bloated. In addition, you can directly button up the buttons of the knitted cardigan and tuck them into the wide skirt. When worn as a top, it is also very stylish and innovative. If you wear a more delicate and close-fitting cardigan directly with a button, whether it is matched with skirts or trousers, it will highlight the charm, gentle and sexy.

4. The matching of knitted cardigan, T-shirt and jeans

You can choose a T-shirt with a printed logo, with modern elements, which can neutralize the gentleness and harmlessness of the cardigan and increase the sense of fashion. Of course, you can also choose a simple basic white T-shirt, but you need to add some brightening things such as earrings and necklaces to increase the details and fashion.

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