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The Matching of Classic Red and Black Dresses

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Dresses are clothes that many ladies like to wear. Among the many dresses, red dresses and black dresses are more classic styles dresses. Today we will talk about how to match red and black dresses.

Red dress matching recommendation 1: Red autumn lantern short-sleeved dress.

Red is beautiful, and the most suitable color combination is black. A red lantern short-sleeved dress, matched with a tight-fitting black bottoming shirt. Show the passion of red with the stability of black. Pair it with black tight-fitting leggings, pair it with black high-heeled shoes, and do some small decorations. The red lantern short-sleeved dress is fashionable and has a touch of cuteness.

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Red dress collocation recommendation 2: Red silk dress with big swing.

Fashion is a classic reincarnation, and the one-piece dress is back in fashion. The unique dress and gorgeous colors exude a charming flavor. In matching, the outer cover is a short black jacket with middle sleeves. This kind of collocation walks on the streets in early autumn, which not only attracts repeat rate but also keeps warm.

Red dress matching recommendation 3: In addition to interpretation of fashion, red can also perfectly interpret sweetness and cuteness.

The red autumn short-sleeved dress is in addition to fashionable collocation, with a little change to interpret another style. The red short-sleeved dress with black and white checkered leggings seems to be a very bold match. In fact, if we match it with the long black glove sleeves, the overall style will be very sweet and lovely.

Red dress matching recommendation 4: Red plaid vest dress.

The matching of the vest dress and the plaid is completely a college style design. After such a red dress is paired with a white shirt, it immediately adds a bookish flavor.

Black dress matching recommendation 1: Matching with jacket and scarf

What kind of top should go with a black long dress in a slightly colder season? In addition to wearing a black dress this season with a suitable top, you can also choose a suitable scarf. But remember to unify the tones of the scarf and the clothes, and the contrast should not be too strong.

Black long dress collocation recommendation 2: Match with shirt

Wearing a shirt outside the long dress can change the temperament of the entire long dress. The texture of velvet and silk complement each other, and it is very noble. Using big bags and boots to neutralize the sweetness of long dresses is the best dress for traveling or participating in art exhibitions.

Black long dress matching recommendation 3: Black pleated long dress.

The black pleated long dress can be matched with a simple and capable top, and the color is mainly light tones. Black pleated dresses are not only suitable for young, well-proportioned women, but also for women with little change in the curve between the waist and hips. Summer black dresses are matched to create perfect proportions of tall and thin in an instant.

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