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The Matching of Skirts

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Women love skirts, regardless of the seasons, they just like to wear skirts. Half-length skirts are one of the skirts. They can be professional or casual, depending on how you match them. Today we will talk about how to match skirts.

1. Flight suit jacket with skirt

The handsome flight suit jacket is not exclusive to men. Until now, women wearing men's clothes have long become a trend in the fashion circle. The flight suit jacket and the feminine skirt are mixed and matched to create the most eye-catching look.

2. A shirt with skirt

The shirt is matched with a skirt, which blends a little femininity into the handsome style. If you choose bright colors, it is even more eye-catching. Among them, the white shirt is a versatile item, and it is naturally indispensable in matching with the skirt. The combination of these two is quite satisfactory, and there is no need to worry about the problem of not being matched.

3. Cardigan with skirt

There are many styles of knitted sweaters. In addition to the common hedging style, there is also a cardigan style. Cardigan sweaters are sweet and neat to wear, especially with the addition of doll collar decorations, which is also particularly age-reducing. With a pleated skirt, it is not only more elegant, but also very elegant in temperament. Paired with black tube socks, it is also full of Japanese high-end style.

ladies cardigan

4. Hoodie with skirt

Hoodies have been very hot items in recent years. From bloggers to ordinary girls, they have a stylish and versatile hoodie in their wardrobe. Wearing a hoodie in spring will make you look youthful and younger, full of fashion sense. If you choose to wear a hoodie with a skirt at this time, it will definitely make you look gentle. This seemingly unmatched mix and match, but it is very popular in spring. Choose a youthful pleated skirt. The long design is a popular style this year, and it is also very suitable for girls with thick legs. Its length can cleverly cover the fat on your legs, making your legs thinner easily. Paired it with a caramel-colored sweater is super nice and fashionable. Or you can choose a oversize hoodie which makes people like it when you look at it. The hooded design shows a sense of luxury. The strap of the hat is also a very individual design, with the version with English letters, which can be easily controlled by anyone. The short version has a visually elongated height ratio. With a denim skirt, the irregular design creates long legs, so you can go out easily!

5. Cotton and linen short-sleeved T-shirt with a skirt.

If you want to wear a simple and elegant linen skirt, then it is necessary to match a cotton and linen short-sleeved T-shirt with ethnic style! This kind of collocation is simple and has no lack of temperament, which can highlight the waist and also give hints for the color choice of the top.

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