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The Matching of T-Shirts and Trousers for Ladies in Paris

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What is your impression of French women? Elegant and romantic? Or freedom? As the fashion capital of Paris, women here have a keen sense of fashion. Not only do they dare to try different styles of clothes, but more rarely, they are loyal to themselves. They will never rush to buy what is popular this year, the most in the wardrobe is always the classics. This can be seen from the amateur street shots on the streets of France. Without red lips and high heels, simple t-shirts and trousers are the daily standard. Let's take a look at what T-shirts and trousers are fashionable on the streets of Paris.

1. French women advocate simplicity and naturalness, and prefer to wear simple fashion clothes without effort. Color is the first step. Compared with the bright red, yellow, blue and green colors, the colors of black, white, gray and denim blue are more classic and durable, and they are more compatible with each other, and they are not easy to make mistakes at any occasion. The easiest way to match is to make the upper and lower outfits the same or similar colors, and then use different fabrics, styles, and cuts to enrich the layers. This kind of collocation is unified and coordinated, and it does not seem to be dull.

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2. Occasionally, some bright colors appear in their outfits, but they will never be a large area, but a small area. Match red to the neckline, cuffs and pockets to lighten the shape from the details. This kind of styling is not exaggerated, not artificial, and very natural. Some girls are born with black and yellow skin and are not suitable for wearing colorful clothes, so you can use this method. Or you can use colorful bags and shoes to embellish the overall collocation, and you can easily get a sense of fashion by matching it away from the face.

3. The monotonous pure color will inevitably make people visually fatigued. Therefore, you also need some stripes, checks, polka dots and floral patterns clothes in your wardrobe to evolve more styles. When matching, it is necessary to "combine traditional and simple", and use pure colors to highlight the key points and avoid dazzling. French girls who are good at dressing will also choose blue denim skirts to echo the blue stripes, and black and gray shorts to echo the black and white stripes, so that the colors are highly coordinated and the overall sense is stronger.


4. In addition, they also pay much attention to the adjustment of body proportions. French women who love freedom by nature do not like being wrapped in tight clothes, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Most of their wardrobes are slightly loose T-shirts and trousers. In order to avoid being dragged down by loose clothes, a belt is essential. The high waist line can create slender legs and make the whole person look taller.

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