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Three Elements of Clothing Design

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Styling, color and material are the three elements of clothing design. Every design and every piece of clothing we have seen is inseparable from the combination of these three.

1. Styling

Clothing styling includes exterior styling and interior styling. The exterior styling mainly refers to the outline of the clothing, which is the main body of the design. Inner styling refers to the inner style of the garment. In the design process, we should start from the overall appearance style characteristics, and the internal and external styling should complement each other.

Fashion design is a visual art, and the outline can give people a deep impression. In the overall design of clothing, styling design belongs to the most important position. The outer styling of clothing can be summarized into four basic types: A, H, X, and Y. On the basis of the basic styling, a few changes can be made to produce a variety of changes. The internal styling design of clothing design mainly includes: the design of structural lines, collar, sleeve and parts. The structural line of the clothing has the characteristics of shaping the appearance of the clothing, suitable for the human body shape and convenient processing, which is of great significance in the design of the clothing structure. In a sense, the structural design of clothing is the design of structural lines.


2. Color

In clothing design, the combination of colors is directly related to the overall style of clothing. Designers can use a set of contrasting color combinations with higher purity to express the warm and unrestrained tropical style, or a set of similar color combinations with lower chroma to reflect the elegant and simple style of clothing. The most commonly used color matching methods in clothing design include: similar color matching, contrasting color matching, and relative color matching. Hue, purity, lightness, etc. constitute color elements. The color element in the clothing design is not only a color, it also includes the color matching between the various parts and details of the whole set of clothing. In the modern clothing market, the use of fashionable colors can reflect the aesthetics of modern life, and it is also very contemporary and fashionable.

3. Material

The material is the fabric that everyone often talks about, but it is usually inseparable from the texture and touch. Materials are the basis of clothing, and clothing cannot be made without materials. Fabrics are materials used in clothing, which can be divided into three categories: fiber products, leather fur products and other products. To achieve good results in clothing design, the performance and characteristics of the fabric must be fully utilized, so that the characteristics of the fabric can be perfectly combined with the shape and style of the clothing and complement each other. Therefore, understanding the basic knowledge of the appearance and performance of different fabrics, such as texture, pattern, shape, drape, and warmth retention, is the basic prerequisite for good clothing design. In addition to accurately grasping the properties of fabrics and making full use of surface fabrics in clothing, designers should also creatively use new fabrics or expand the use of fabrics according to changes in clothing fashion trends, and creatively combine fabrics to make clothing will be more innovative.

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