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Tips for Choosing Clothing Part One

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Clothes are indispensable for everyone. We always look for the one that suits us best among all kinds of clothes. So, how do we choose what suits us when we choose clothes?

1. Gradually establish your own dressing style and treat trends objectively

Whether it is a designer or a celebrity, there is only one reason for the dressing and matching masters who can impress us today, and that is that they have created their own style. A person should have his own aesthetic inclination. A person should have his own aesthetic inclination. To do this, you cannot be swayed by ever-changing trends. Instead, you should add the fashion elements of the time to the aesthetic tone you admire, and blend them into your personal taste. For example, if you only like the feminine feel of skirts, you don't have to reject wide-leg trousers, cropped trousers and other pants that also convey an elegant feeling. A dress that incorporates personal temperament, self-cultivation, and style will reflect individuality, and individuality is the highest level of dressing.


2. Clothes should match your age and status

Western scholars believe that in the interaction between people, only 7% of others' perception of you is to pay attention to your conversation, and 38% to observe your expression and communication skills (such as attitude, tone, body language, etc.) , but 53% is to judge whether your appearance is commensurate with your performance, that is, whether you look like the way you show it. Therefore, after entering the workplace, those casual student image styles or the charming dreamy styles should be actively avoided. As your age increases and your position changes, your dress should be commensurate with it. Remember, clothing is your first business card.


3. Basic clothing is your treasure

There is no end to the fashion of clothing. Countless fashion designers are creating fashion day after day, and there is no end to new trends. But some basic clothing is not unpopular. For example, knee-length skirts, tweed wide-legged trousers, and white shirts are all "evergreen trees in the clothes world", which will last forever, even 10 years will not be out of date. These clothes are the "treasures" of your wardrobe and are essential items. So pay attention to those with superior materials, tailoring and craftsmanship when purchasing. You can spend a little more money to buy a quality product, which not only looks good, but also lasts for a long time. It is definitely worth it. With a batch of such basic clothing, you only need to choose some popular clothing to match each year and season according to the fashion trend. There are many types of modern clothing, and each type of clothing has different shapes and styles. Especially when you see a piece of clothing that is constantly innovating, you can understand how popular it is. The development of fashion is too rapid, so basic clothing is essential.


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