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Tips for Choosing Clothing Part Three

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We have talked about some points of attention when buying clothes before, and then we will talk about some other points of attention.

1. Treat brand-name discounts wisely

When the season changes, the most attractive ones are those brand-name clothing that you usually like but are always reluctant to buy. Some brand-name discounts are indeed different from ordinary brands. They usually choose a high-end department store or even a hotel for discounts. For many people, this is a very tempting trick, and the discounted price is really exciting. However, at this time, you must not think that it will be so cheap that you can pick it up. Insiders know that the brand-name goods that appear in special stores are generally out-of-date goods, and there is a certain distance between fabrics, styles, and colors from fashion. Although there is no problem with the brand and craftsmanship, several key indicators are outdated, and incomplete size is also a frequent problem. Therefore, we should treat brand-name discounts sensibly, and do not lower the price requirements for clothes because of the lower prices. Remember, the reason why you buy a piece of clothing should be that it suits you now, not its seemingly bargain price and the brand.

2. Choose the clothes that appeal to you carefully

Generally speaking, there is a certain gap between what everyone expects and who they are in reality. And the ideal image of oneself in the expectation is implemented in the clothing, that is, the clothes that may not be worn but are very attractive to you. They represent your aesthetic orientation and taste. However, for some people, the clothes that attract them are sometimes not suitable for them, so they must learn to distinguish the difference between the two and be able to rationally give up clothes that are not suitable for them. Of course, if you really like it and your financial resources allow, you may wish to spend it extravagantly. It is also a good thing to buy it home and enjoy it alone.


3. Clever calculation of "return on investment"

The "return on investment" of a piece of clothing is directly proportional to the frequency of wearing it, the length of time it wears, and the degree of matching with other clothing. For example, if you wear a set of $300 fashionable skirts that are no longer popular after one season, even if you wear them once a week, you will wear them 12 times in a season, and the cost of wearing them once is $25. And an exquisite skirt of $1,000 can be worn for 3 years. If you wear it once a year and 12 times per season, you can wear it 36 times in total, and the cost of wearing it is less than 28 US dollars.

4. Pay attention to fashion and improve your aesthetic taste

No one is born with special clothes. Just look at the well-known stylists and designers who fly around the world all day long. In order to get first-hand fashion information, they even go to Europe and the United States at their own expense to experience the first-time fashion. You should also choose a few newspapers and magazines you like, read them regularly, and constantly refresh your sensitivity and judgment of beauty. After a long time, your taste will be different.

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