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Tips for Choosing Clothing Part Two

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In addition to looking good when buying clothes, appropriate and rational consumption are also very important.

1. Buy clothes that match your body, skin, and temperament perfectly

The exquisite windows of the specialty store and the elegant shop hall are carefully designed by professionals, the purpose of which is to create a special atmosphere and highlight the attractiveness of the clothing. However, those beautiful clothes worn on models or displayed on shelves may not be suitable for you. Don't lose yourself in the illusion created by the exquisite lighting and the lobbying of the shopping guide lady. In order to avoid being confused by the temporary shopping atmosphere, it is very important to understand yourself thoroughly. Only by understanding your body, temperament, and skin color can you not buy back the wrong clothes. Remember, no one is completely satisfied with their image, and so are you, but don't be trapped by this kind of regret. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses will definitely help you wear a unique beauty. Clothes are attached to people, and one's temperament should not be tied up by clothes.


2. When the budget is limited, buy clothes in a small quantity but good quality

When buying clothes, keep your eyes high and learn to be picky, from styles, materials, colors to tailoring and craftsmanship. Don't ignore other aspects just because of your preference for one element. For example, a shirt that you bought because of the blue that you really like may not be useful. You have to be completely sure that you like this dress very much and look good on yourself before you pay. If you are hesitant when you buy it, then it is almost certain that you will rarely wear this dress after you buy it. Even having a few excellent clothes is better than not being able to wear a cupboard. You have to believe that you will meet impeccable clothes in the future.

3. Don't believe in feelings too much: try it on before buying

New Year Day, May Day, shop celebration, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day... In recent years, in order to find selling points, various festivals have suddenly increased, with discounts in seasons, people are buying clothes more and more frequently. But don't forget that the clothes you buy should be value for money and suitable for you. Many people have this kind of clothing shopping experience. They can't wait to buy a piece of clothing that is tempting, for fear of being taken first by others. But the result is that crazy possessiveness often makes oneself disadvantaged. Since you didn't try on clothes when you bought them, although the style, color, fabric, and tailoring are all ideal, the size is not appropriate in some places, and it looks like you have worn someone else's clothes by mistake. After buying such unfit and uncomfortable clothes, they will only be given away or left unused in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to try on clothes before checkout.

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