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Tips for Ladies Suit Matching

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When it comes to suits, many people have the impression that it is more formal workwear, or clothes that are worn by urban white-collar workers. Young girls generally reject this seemingly unfashionable style. But the biggest advantage of the suit is that the texture looks better, and the slimming effect is very good. The suit thickness is moderate, so you can wear it in spring or autumn. A suit with high cost performance and excellent slimming effect actually adds a lot of points to the outfit. So today, I will share with you some suit matching skills, so that suits can also wear fashionable and advanced sense, let's take a look!

womens suit

In addition to the selection of single products, the most important and most easily overlooked thing is the details. Let's talk about the extra details that need to be paid attention to when matching small suits.

1. Inadvertently roll up the cuffs of the suit to make you look less formal and rigid;

2. When matching a suit with a shirt, open the top 1-2 buttons to create a V-shape to create a casual look of thinness;

3. A small suit and a belt are added to create a high waist line, which has a special flavor;

4. The principle of mixing and matching a small suit is to give it some unruly, rebellious, casual, feminine and other elements to neutralize its sense of formality and workplace.

The most important thing is that a small suit fits well. Regarding body shape and style, it is also a matter to pay attention to when choosing a suit. Fitting is always the first concern. First look at the shoulder and arm. The ideal state is when the arm is naturally drooping, the shoulder and arm are still flat. If there is a depression, the suit is too wide; if it is raised, it is too narrow or the tailoring is not appropriate. For a well-fitting suit, the sleeve length should fall on the wrist, and a sleeve can be exposed when the shirt is worn inside. If the sleeves are too long, it will make people look sloppy and lack energy. Regarding the length of the suit, the middle-length style that crosses the buttocks or near the buttocks is the safest and most common choice. It is better to have a certain waist and three-dimensional tailoring. If you are a small lady, you can try a short suit to make the proportions look better. If it is a shoulder-width Y-shaped figure, avoid choosing a suit style with shoulder pads or puff sleeves to avoid widening the visual effect of the upper body. If you have an A-shaped pear-shaped figure, you can choose a slightly looser, straight mid-length style to modify your hips.

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