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Tips for Sweater Matching

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Sweaters are a rare and essential item in the wardrobe that can span the spring, autumn and winter seasons. It has many styles, natural and comfortable styles, and easy to control, so it is reasonable to list sweaters in basic items. However, sweaters are also easy to wear out a sense of ordinary, so today we want to talk to you about how to wear sweaters stylish and beautiful.

Sweaters are divided into three categories: tight-fitting, fit-fitting, and oversized.

1. Tight-fitting

Sweaters with tight-fitting designs are often suitable for plump ladies to highlight the curves and make inner wear. Tight-fitting sweaters are generally made of ribs and flat stitches, while the ribs of the same style are generally thicker than plain stitches, but they are extremely elastic, so they are more common. In addition, the thickness of the ribs and the depth of the pits will also bring different visual effects. Generally, the wider the pits, the heavier they are.

2. Fit-fitting

Fit-fitting sweaters are more suitable for flat and elegant ladies, and they are full of intellectual style when paired with skirts and trousers.

3. Oversized

The oversized sweaters are big, more suitable for casual street style.


sweater and shirt

Basic pullovers are not difficult to match in autumn and winter. All kinds of trousers and skirts can be used as a variety of coats and jackets. Here we want to talk about how sweaters become fashionable in addition to warmth, versatile and other practicalities.

1. As a shawl

"Don't dress well" has always been a trendy style. In addition to being properly built inside, the sweater can also be used as a shawl. We can put the sweater on the shoulders like a scarf, or tie it around the shoulders in knots. It can be matched with a shirt or a short T-shirt. This kind of collocation is very youthful, and this kind of casual relaxation best reflects the warmth and kindness of sweaters. But this way of wearing is not suitable for sweaters that are too thick.

2. Match with shirt

Stacking shirts and sweaters is a retro style. The shirt collar and sleeves or hem are slightly exposed, which can also highlight the retro feel. White shirts and denim shirts are the best. If you want to play some tricks on solid-color sweaters, you might as well try polka-dot stripes and other color shirts! In addition to matching shirts, there are many ways to stack them, such as matching suspenders or vests. Generally matched with sling items, sweaters should be slim and fine weave, so as not to look too bloated.

3. Match with skirt

Gentle sweaters are matched with flowing dresses or skirts, which are also very beautiful. The collision of different materials brings a rich sense of layering, which is what we often call a mix and match. You can try. Sweaters with long skirts, whether it is a dress or a long half skirt, are both practical and fashionable in the transition between summer and autumn. It is better to use a short sweater with a tall skirt, which can increase the height immediately.

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