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Wearing a White T-Shirt in Summer

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Speaking of white T-shirts, it is our most indispensable and approachable basic item in spring and summer. It allows you to easily styling out in ten minutes. But at the same time, because it is too basic and simple, it will easily make you a passerby. So, how can you really wear a white T-shirt and wear a white T-shirt that is so ordinary to no longer be ordinary in your own style? Let 's learn the selection and matching skills of white T-shirts together. How to choose a white T-shirt? Let's talk about it from four aspects.

1. Collar

The first is the choice of collar size. It is recommended that women with a large face and a thick neck choose a big collar, such as a large round neck or U-neck, which will look thin. For thin ladies who want to choose a T-shirt to make themselves look plump, you can choose a small collar.

2. Fabric

If you want to wear particularly comfortable, choose a cotton T-shirt. Because it is the most comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable and sweat-absorbent. If you think cotton is prone to deformation, pilling or partial transparency, you can consider blended fabrics. This kind of fabric is made of spandex or polyester added to the cotton, and its stability will be higher. But its disadvantage is that it is thicker, not as light and breathable as cotton.

3. Length

Longer T-shirts will look more generous when worn outside. A shorter T-shirt is more suitable for women with a slender waist and no fat on the waist. Loose T-shirts are more suitable for external wear.

4. Sleeve length

For women with thick shoulders and fleshy arms, choose a cuff that is slightly loose or just suitable, not the one that is tightly wrapped around the arm. Short sleeves or diagonal cuts will be more suitable for people with thin arms.


We have finished talking about how to choose white T-shirts, let's take a look at how to match white T-shirts. The comfortable and casual white T-shirt plus unruly denim is the most classic street collocation. Here are three denim items that are most likely to collide with white T-shirts.

(1) Denim overalls

Denim overalls with high chest line and wide legs look thinner. Slightly loose trousers can modify the shape of the legs, making you look younger but not naive.

(2) Denim flared pants

This kind of trousers easily create the visual effect of long legs, it is sexy and charming without losing the chic.

(3) Denim skirt

The denim skirt highlights the curvy figure of women, with a simple retro feel. And matching a white T-shirt can make the skirt with a sense of design and detail more fashion.

In terms of matching, white T-shirts are too plain and soft. Therefore, in order to create an aura, in addition to the matching of pants, accessories are also essential. Sunglasses are the best choice, which can immediately add points to your fashion. If you don't want the aura to be so strong, it's also nice to change to a variety of colored sunglasses.

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