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What Color Do You Like to Wear Reveals Your Character Part Two

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Last time we talked about the character of people who like to wear some colors. Today we continue to talk about other colors.

1. Pink

Girls who like to wear pink clothes are delicate, compassionate, caring about others, and have a gentle personality, but they tend to listen and believe easily. It is said that boys love to wear pink clothes to represent narcissism. Because people who have confidence in themselves will show their difference in the public! Generally speaking, boys who are more cheerful and sunny at heart like to wear pink clothes, or it can be said that pink is generally liked by confident people. This is also because pink often gives people a very comfortable and happy feeling. People who wear clothes of this color are more concerned about the feelings of others and the people around them.


2. Red

A person who often wears red clothes should be a person with great ambition and energy. They will devote 100% enthusiasm to the things they are focused on and interested in, but they will quickly lose their original enthusiasm when they encounter setbacks. They are considered to be optimistic, even when everyone is worried, they will seriously tell you "it doesn't matter". Even so, their emotional changes are quite large. A person who wears red clothes is an outspoken person, and they often blurt out what they think is right without reservation.

3. Blue

A person who wears blue clothes is usually a person with strong self-control and determination, and a stubborn personality, who will never give up unless he achieves his goal. A person who often wears blue clothes at work will be an excellent talent, and will always complete the tasks assigned by his boss in an orderly manner. However, people who often wear blue clothes rarely look at anything with an optimistic attitude, and always worry and melancholy about everything. Although they are people who like to lively, but because they are afraid that their own speech, manners, dressing and dressing slightly will destroy the feeling of others.


4. Orange

People who often wear orange clothes have a cheerful smile and ample energy, which makes them often the focus of the crowd and their popularity, but they often make themselves seem unprincipled because they are not easy to offend people. Such people are afraid of loneliness and like to lively. They will participate in various activities to attract people's attention, and they will get along very happily with people of different levels. But people who often wear orange clothes are indecisive and fickle, making people around them feel that they are frivolous and unstable.

5. Brown

People who often wear brown clothes are calm on the outside and enthusiastic on the inside. They will be used to doing everything down-to-earth, even if they encounter setbacks, they will have to swallow their own pains, and will never let others see their fragile side. People who often wear brown clothes feel a little dull in their emotional expression, and often miss the person they like.

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