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What to Do With Sweater Pilling

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Whether the sweater is matched with trousers or a skirt, or worn alone, or as a base, it's simple to look good! But wearing a sweater often encounters a big problem, that is, the sweater is easy to pilling, which greatly reduces the value and grade of the sweater.

Why does the sweater pilling? Many people don't understand the reason, and even some people think that as long as pilling is a quality problem, let's talk about these things about sweater pilling today. Let's first understand the reason for the pilling. During the use of various fiber clothing, due to the friction of various external forces, the surface of the clothing will fluff and pilling.

The pile is initially produced along the longitudinal direction of the fiber. When the fabric is subjected to external friction, when the friction force is greater than the fiber strength or the friction or cohesion between the fibers, the fiber ends are pulled out to form loops and fluff, and fluff is generated on the surface of the fabric to make the cloth surface lose its luster.

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In areas with dense piles, loose fibers are entangled. When the fluff is exposed to a certain length, the fluff in a certain distance is tangled into balls due to rubbing and friction, repeatedly extending and retracting. The resulting hair ball is not big, nor does it form a knot. One end of it is embedded in the fibers of the fabric and connected to the cloth surface. The hair ball is easy to hide dirt, which affects the beauty of the fabric.

The entangled fibers close together to form small balls, which are hung on the surface of the fabric by strong fibers and grow continuously. When the fabric continues to be rubbed, the fibers connecting the hair balls will break due to repeated stretching and bending fatigue, and fall off from the fabric surface. People feel that whether the fabric is easy to pilling is often inconsistent with the real situation, and the fabric that is easy to fuzz and pilling often gives people the feeling that it is not easy to pilling because of the short lifespan of the pompon.

So what should we do after the sweater has pilled? The method of solving pilling is very important, and the difference between before and after treatment is huge.

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1) If it is a relatively large hair ball, it can be cut directly with scissors.

2) Use a hair removal comb to lightly scrape the pilling area, it is super easy to clean up the small hair balls.

3) It is quick and convenient to use a hair remover to remove the hair balls on sweaters and woolen coats. In order to protect the texture, put the sweater on a flat surface and stretch the wrinkles before operating it!

4) Use scissors to cut a few knives on one side of the toothbrush to make the sides of the toothbrush uneven. Scrape the side that has been cut with the toothbrush gently along the lines of the sweater to remove the hair balls.

5) Use a razor to lightly scrape the surface of the sweater a few times, and the hair balls are piled up. Twist it up and throw it away.

6) You can also use tape to stick a ball of hair, choose the wide side with good stickiness. But be careful to control the strength and don't hurt the sweater.

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